Why Dig When You Can
Pipe Reline?

Keyhole Technology

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We offer this service to the wider Sydney area. Brawoliner relining allows us to repair your pipes without digging trenches or holes. This is a cheaper method than traditional pipe repair, and takes a fraction of the time. This innovative German technology creates a permanent fix, not a patch or temporary repair.

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When we visit your home and business, we use our robotic camera to investigate inside your pipes. Once we locate the problem, we can clear out any debris or roots with a high-pressure jet. Very rarely, a small hole will need to be dug. As part of our clean-up policy, we will return your garden or lawn to its original state.

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We then insert the specialist, environmentally friendly Brawoliner textile liner into the defective pipe using air or water pressure. This liner is covered in a thick resin. During this process, the resin-coated side of the liner is pressed against the pipe wall. The pressure inside the liner is then maintained until the resin has cured. This creates a perfect new watertight pipe within the old one, which then has a lifespan of 50 years.

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After the liner has hardened, we re-insert our robotic camera inside the pipeline and inspect our work to ensure that it has repaired the broken sections. We will provide you with this video recording on a USB for you to keep for your records. You will then be issued a 35 year guarantee on all of our work. We will also provide you with a customer loyalty discount for any future work you have done by us. We can reline pipes, drains and sewers in Sydney. Relining will repair root damage, cracks, or missing sections of pipe. Read our FAQs for more information, or check out our homepage for more information.